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Topaz Cats, Breed standart.

I want to introduce you to a new breed of rare magic cats - Oji (Oji).

To begin we shall decipher the breed name Oji (derived from the Spanish Ojos azules, which translated into Russian means blue eyes). Its main characteristic is the blue eye color without Siamese. Eye color of these cats is a result of a mutation caused by a dominant gene So. Oji cats (Ojos azules) can be of any color. Principle about their standart is only one thing - there should be no white in the coloring, or white spots. If they are, then the proof of a pedigreed cat is white tail tip.

In order to recognize the belonging of a cat to the blue-eyed cats breed it is enough for him to ahave at least one blue eye.

You can interbreed Oji (Ojos azules) only with no blue-eyed individuals, and half of a litter of kittens will get blue eyes or will have one blue eye and the other of a different color. It is believed that no blue-eyed kittens from these litters (Oji latent) if copulated with a blue-eyed partners, will give a greater percentage of blue-eyed kittens in the litter. The origin of blue-eyed cat is believed to be the United States of America, and beyond Ojos Azules breed is not so well known and hardly can be called common. However, felinologists note that cats with a gene that contributes to the blue eyes can also be found on the territory of Russia (Mountains of Altai).

Cats of this breed can have hair of any length. Males are rather large, the withers can reach 40 sm and weight up to 7 kg, females are slightly smaller.