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Information - Serval in your Home

African serval Leptailurus Serval is the only wild cats that can 100% be tamed. This makes serval cats absolutely safe for people and suitable for the maintenance in the apartment as a pet. 
These cats are easily accustomed to the tray, you can not even use a filler. But, since serval - cats are large, active, playful and inquisitive, be prepared for the fact that you will part with a few favorite vases. 
If you decide to have a serval cat in your apartment, it is desirable at least once a week to take him out of the city, for he could walk and run around in the fresh air. Servals' behaviour is very similar to dog behaviour, they strongly get used to the owners, so do not worry that your favorite pet can settle on the nearest tree. They come back to you on your first call and love to in hands. :) 
If you live in a private home, it's much easier - an equiped place in the courtyard will allow your pet to walk in the fresh air at any time. 
It is important to know that servals need sunlight as they come from Africa and it's good for their health! Therefore, it is necessary to identify the most sunny part of the house or a room, for their aviary to be illuminated by the sun at least a few hours a day .