Professional nursery chihuahua and African Serval
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Nikital nursery, located in the city of Cherkassy in Ukraine, our pedigree has been breeding cats since 1994 and Chihuahua dogs since 2002.
Since 2011 we have adopted African serval cats -  Leptailurus serval.

Serval is the only wild cats that 100% can be affectionate pets in case if they are bought from professional breeders, who use their experience and knowledge to raise kind, gentle and socialized pets.
Servals are very similar in habits and character with domestic dogs. Due to thier unusual character and because of their extraordinary appearance, serval cats are gaining more and more popularity as pets.
Serval cat is a smart, loyal, graceful animal, which are often called "cat-a-dog"

A lot of useful information about the behavior, care, and feeding it contained serval can be found here.