Professional nursery of chihuahua dogs and new experimental breed - Topaz cats
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The Nikital nursery is located in Ukraine, Cherkassy city; we are specialised in cat breeding since 1994 and breeding of Chihuahua dogs since 2002.
In 2013 I first heard about Altai cats. These are amazing street cats of Altai, the owners of a unique natural mutation of the eye color. Their eyes are sky blue color on solid color that is not connected with white or point color.
That same year, a blue-eyed cat of the brown tabby color Roxy was came to us from Kazakhstan.
In 2014, a second male, a blue- eyed silver tabby cat Seymour arrived from Russia and became the main stud of the nursery.
Seymour laid the whole line, he was a carrier of long hair, marble and black colors.
In 2018, a new cat of a rare colour black karpati named Roxy, and a manchkin boy Fill arrived in our cattery. Fill is a black long-haired, small and tender miniature cat, who successfully works in the cattery. That same year another rare cat Martin (American ringtail breed), was imported from Russia.
In 2019 two more black karpati kittens joined our Nikital cattery, the shorthaired girl Pussy and the longhaired boy Mickey.

More interesting information about the new breeds you will find HERE.